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Are you planning to raise money for charity when you run your next race? If so the following charitable organisations would love to hear from you.
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6 Charities listed beginning with "P"
Prostate Scotland (Reg. SC037494)
Prostate Scotland's aim is to increase awareness of prostate disease and to work towards helping more men survive prostate cancer, which is the second most common cancer in men in Scotland. We would welcome your support in winning our marathon of beating prostate disease.
Passing It On (Reg. 1112250)
We are a charity run by young people working hard to help build schools in Africa. Passing It On has grown steadily over the past five years from 2 guys with a bucket to a team of young people, most of which are volunteers, who work tirelessly because we believe that every child deserves an education. (HEROES RUN is the flagship event of the charity Passing It On). For more information about Passing It On and the 3 projects it supports please visit the website.
Poppy Scotland (Reg. SC014096)
Scotlandís leading veteransí charity, ensuring that ex-Service people and their families get the support that many urgently need, whether someone is struggling to cope with a catastrophic battlefield injury, or living with emotional scars that haunt them every day, Poppy Scotland is there, providing immediate and practical assistance.
Pain Concern (Reg. SC023559)
Pain Concern works to improve the lives of people living with pain. We run a helpline, publish information leaflets & we produce a magazine & radio show. We campaign for better pain services & a better understanding of the needs of people living with pain.
Parkinson's UK (Reg. 258197)
Parkinson's UK is totally dependent on voluntary donations. It is only when amazing people like you raise funds that we can continue our work to support people with Parkinson's and those close to them.
Prostate Cancer Research Centre (Reg. 802545)
The Prostate Cancer Research Centre carries out research into the causes of and treatment for the UKís most frequently diagnosed male cancer. The Centre is based at the University College London and is under the leadership of Professor John Masters. It now employs 15 scientists and support staff and needs £1 million every year to fund its highly respected research programme.

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