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Are you planning to raise money for charity when you run your next race? If so the following charitable organisations would love to hear from you.
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9 Charities listed beginning with "D"
Down's Syndrome Association (Reg. 1061474)
The Down's Syndrome Association is the only organisation in this country focusing on all aspects of living successfully with Down’s syndrome. Our aim is to help people with Down's syndrome to live full and rewarding lives.
Diabetes UK (Reg. 215199)
Diabetes UK is the leading charity offering services and support to those living with diabetes. We encourage living a healthy lifestyle and are involved in a number of running events throughout the UK including the Bupa Great North Run.
Doctors of the World (Reg. 1067406)
Doctors of the World UK, an international medical charity part of the Medecins du Monde network, works in over 60 countries, supporting the most vulnerable, from young mothers and their babies in the slums of India, to children on the streets of Cairo or victims of natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti and the floods in Pakistan. As well as helping those further afield, we provide support to destitute people here in the UK through our advocacy project, Project:London.
Depression Alliance
A member-led organisation that co-ordinates a national network of self-help groups and offers a series of free publications providing information on depression and related topics. We also offer a range of mutual support services for our members.
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
Working to save the world's last remaining 650 mountain gorillas. Organises various fundraising running events including an annual Gorilla Run (a 7km dash through the City of London where everyone wears gorilla costumes).
We think it is important to bring some fun and joy into the lives of children who perhaps can't wait long enough for the medical breakthrough they need or whose illnesses and treatments have brought pain, distress and disruption to their lives.
Derbyshire Community Foundation (Reg. 1039485)
We provide grant funding to voluntary and community groups across Derbyshire, tackling disadvantage and enhancing community life throughout the county. We make grants from our endowment fund, which is invested to ensure that we are a source of funding for the county for many years to come.
Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust (Reg. 1128529)
Dame Kelly has recently set up a running club that raises money to help disadvantaged young people to find and believe in their own talent. An example of one programme is where we are working with Comic Relief and Personal Development Point to run a project called get on track, this is working with young people not in education, employment or in training. We are using a unique workforce of retired elite sports performers.
Deafness Research UK (Reg. 326915)
Deafness Research UK is the country’s only charity dedicated to finding new cures, treatments and technologies for deaf, hard of hearing and other hearing impaired people. We are committed to delivering the highest quality medical and scientific research. Ultimately, our aim is to find a cure for deafness, and other related conditions such as tinnitus. Please show your support for those affected by deafness by sporting our running vest and taking part in races throughout 2011.

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