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Autumn Classic Windsor Duathlon Event 2

Saturday 18th November 2017
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17Km du/triathlon/multisport (Super Sprint 2.5km Run/12km Bike/2.5km Run)   
30Km du/triathlon/multisport (Sprint 5km Run/20k Bike/5Km Run)   
55Km du/triathlon/multisport (Standard 10km Run/40k Bike/5km Run)
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Age Limits
Competitors must be aged at least:
18 years for a marathon
17 years for a half marathon
16 years for a 10 mile race
A signed entry form will be considered as an acceptance of governing body rules and a declaration that you compete entirely at your own risk.


Entry Instructions Provided by Organiser: http://www.f3events.co.uk/event/Autumn-Classic-Windsor-Duathlon-Event-2-1041
Entry Fee: 40-50
Notes: Due to popular demand we are pleased to announce our Autumn Duathlons at Dorney Lake. These events are perfect for anyone looking to get fit or take part in their first event. Dorney Lake is the perfect venue for Duathlon Events. 100% accurate course and

For Official Use Only
Remember to enclose a large SAE. Please do NOT make cheques payable to Running Diary. Either follow the organiser's instructions provided in the "Entry Instructions" section above, or alternatively leave the payee blank for the organiser to complete.
Please add any further information which may be of use to the event organiser on the back of this sheet.
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